DiaStrong Announces New Partnership with DiabTrend

TORONTO, ON, June 1, 2022 – DiaStrong, a telehealth service with a focus on serving the diabetes community, announced a new partnership today with DiabTrend, a personalized diabetes management platform that monitors and predicts health patterns.  

“DiaStrong noticed a gap in the communication of patient data from patient to provider. Through this partnership with DiabTrend, DiaStrong is aiming to bridge the gap for our users to really provide the best service possible for diabetes management,” explained by Taylor Companion, Co-Founder and Executive Director of DiaStrong.

DiabTrend uses AI-based technology to automate the diabetes management process through food recognition and portion recognition, blood glucose level prediction, integrations with health sensors and applications, and professional reports that can be sent directly to your medical expert. DiabTrend takes pride in their goal to minimize the time spent logging your information to just 5 minutes per day. 

“Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and easy solution for anyone who lives with diabetes. We make the day to day advances visible and set motivating goals that ultimately help and shape a healthy lifestyle.” Marcell Havilk, CEO of Diabtrend, explained. 

Premium DiabTrend app features will be free to all users for an extended length of time who book appointments through DiaStrong. In streamlining virtual diabetic care, DiaStrong and DiabTrend hope to be the future of lifestyle management in the diabetic community. 

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