Smart Application for Diabetes Management

Understand the past,
predict the future,
live in the present!

Diabtrend is an application which provides personalized diabetes management with artificial intelligence to help people living with diabetes. Self-track your diabetes in under 5 minutes to make life easier!

DiabTrend provides exclusive features including:

DiabTrend provides exclusive features including:

Better Together

DiaStrong and DiabTrend are best in unison. Our certified providers educate you with resources and uniquely tailored plans, setting you up for success. However, it is up to the client to follow through and hold themselves accountable. DiabTrend fulfills this exact function. The app serves as a diabetes diary, helping you develop habits you need, such as tracking, keeping logs, and staying motivated on the path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Easily share your digital diary with your DiaStrong provider for seamless appointments going forward!