About Us

DiaStrong is a telehealth platform that offers safe and secure virtual appointments to people with all types of diabetes across Canada and the United States. All of the providers on DiaStrong are credited and specialize in diabetes management.

Our Story

Founded by Global Wellness Apps in 2021, DiaStrong was created with one thought in mind – increase access to diabetes care. While starting our first venture with Global Wellness Apps, we were able to speak to so many people with diabetes on a daily basis; and the one thing they had in common regardless of type, was their diagnosis – because they were all so different. While some get recommended peer support, others get a prescription. Maybe some are told the benefits of nutrition, while others get referred to an endocrinologist. 

The problem with this, is that diabetes is entirely more complex than just an endo appointment every 6 months. Many diabetics of all types need more; they need a support system, they need dietary information, they need to understand the impact of physical activity, and so much more. DiaStrong aims to fill this gap in the diagnosis process. We offer patients a set of providers that cover a variety of necessities for diabetes management; all integral to taking control of their illness.

Work With Global Wellness Apps

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