Why Virtual Health Appointments May be Best for You!

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in March of 2020, the world saw many things turn digital. Grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants, gyms and so much more rallied and found ways to provide their services online. Another part of our lives that has become more and more popular online are appointments. Doctors, therapists, dietitians and more moved their businesses online in order to still be able to serve the masses via something called telehealth. Telehealth is a service that allows health providers to meet with patients via video or phone conferencing and even now that Covid precautions are easing, more and more providers are choosing telehealth for their appointments. 

If you’re someone who hasn’t used a telehealth service before for your diabetes, you may be wondering what the benefit of going virtual is. We’ve broken down the benefits in this article to explain why virtual health appointments may be best for you!

Virtual Health Appointments


Opting to have a virtual appointment via a telehealth service comes with loads of convenience factors. The biggest example of this is of course, time. Going virtual can save you the time of waiting on the phone to book the appointment, commuting to the clinic or office, and everyone’s least favorite – waiting in line. Virtual appointments bypass all of this with a quick and easy booking process and video conferencing software

Saves Money

If there’s one thing to get excited about, especially when you have diabetes, it’s being able to save some money. That being said, using a telehealth service for your next appointment will save you money! By joining your appointment virtually, you’re not having to take a whole day off of work to go to the appointment or having to pay gas or transportation fees to get there. While those things can seem inconsequential at the time, it all adds up and you can save yourself some cash by opting to go virtual.

You’re In Control

The pathway to booking a virtual appointment couldn’t be an easier process. Instead of going in person and being handed a card for a date you may not be available for, an online appointment does exactly the opposite – you’re in complete control. When browsing a telehealth service for an appointment, you get to see when someone is available and find a date that works for you which ultimately adds a level of comfort and control you can’t pass up.


Last but not least, choosing to take your appointment virtual can be a safer option than going in-person. While many towns, cities, and countries are starting to open up and cool down on mandates, this hasn’t stopped Covid-19 and its variants from spreading. Many people with diabetes who have used a telehealth service since 2020 have stated they prefer it, as there’s less of a health risk involved and for those with Type 1 diabetes, this is a big factor to consider. 

Ultimately, there are more pros than cons to having a virtual appointment. While telehealth cannot provide services like taking blood pressure or checking your reflexes, the services they can provide virtually are more than adequate. When considering going virtual for your diabetes management, be sure to remember this list of benefits! 

Interested in taking the next step to better diabetes health?

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